VOIP – Voice over IP

A VOIP solution can help in the following ways:

Cheaper phone bills using VOIP

With a VOIP system (IP PBX) create rules to take advantage of the lower costs of local and international phone calls using a VoIP provider. This does not mean that you have to abandon PSTN (Standard phone line), as they can be connected to to VOIP system using a VOIP gateway.Click here for 2talk

For example, if calls from your city to Sydney are cheaper using your VoIP provider but calls to Auckland are cheaper via a traditional provider you can then set up the IP PBX to manage the calls.  This way you can be certain that your business is  always using the cheapest rates available in the market.

Less expensive equipment

Your business is growing. Adding lines and extensions using a traditional PBX means being forced to pay for costly expansion modules and buying vendor-dependant equipment. With an IP PBX all you need to buy IP Phone (SIP Hardware phone), or install some software on the new employees computer. A little bit of configuration on the console and everyone is good to go.  This reduces the overall work involved and reduces the cost overall. .

More efficient management

Most IP PBX come with a simple to use management interface.  Configuration tasks are simple to carry out. This means that you can either do the configuration yourself or call in us (Techsuccess) to quickly do the change and you are not faced with large consultancy fees.

Use of presence

If you have a large number of employees  the inbuilt presence feature built in to a number of IP PBX allows users to see the status of other users and helps prevent “telephone tag”. Many hours are wasted with people trying to reach colleagues that are unavailable to answer their calls.

Integration with applications

If using an  IP PBX based on Windows, the software will often integrate in with many popular business applications. For example the software can integrate in with Outlook and enable the ability to make a call directly from outlook. It is also possible for an incoming call to trigger the contact details to appear on the screen, thus providing the person answering the call with fast additional information about the caller and make the business process more affective.


Does weather or or conditions mean that your staff can not make it to the office. Do you have a need for staff to be working from remote locations or on the road.  An IP-PBX solution will enable remote workers to connect to the IP-PBX from wherever they are and continue working seamlessly with the office functions.

One single network

Traditional PBX offerings lack flexibility and represent poor value. It is a waste of resources to buy a dedicated black box with its own complicated language and administration management needs to handle phone functions, when it can all be done from one single network based on Windows that have both voice and data.

What Tech Success Offers

Tech Success recommends that you come to then and they will explain the service in simple terms to you, there is no charge for this discussion as there are many complex (in terms of terminology) elements which would need to be explained so that you can make an informed choice.

We will look at your communication costs and determine if VOIP will indeed reduce your telecommunication charges.  If you then agree, we will install the most suitable IP-PBX solution for the requirements. In order to setup a VOIP solution you need to also have an account with a VOIP provider, we recommend 2talk  and will walk you through the signup process in order to ensure that you have the correct plan for your requirements.

Once you are set up, Tech Success will provide training and continued support for your environment to ensure that you get most from your PBX.