The Cloud

Tech Success is a believer in the power “the cloud” gives to a business in liberating it from traditional IT issues. As a believer in the technology, Tech Success operates from the cloud, enabling the staff to operate from where ever they are located.

Office 365

Tech Success  is a licensed reseller for Microsoft Office 365 (“cloud-based Office”). You can access all your Office emails, calendars and documents 24×7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Microsoft Office 365 provides:

  • Lower initial capital costs and predictable recurring expenses
  • Greater agility and scalability
  • Enhanced ability to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Access to more advanced software and capabilities
  • Fit the business cycle and budget constraints
  • Best productivity experience
  • Works with what you know – use the familiar tools of Microsoft Office desktop applications as a service
  • Access from anywhere – desktop, mobile, and web
  • Business-class security
  • IT control and efficiency

In addition Tech Success can help get your business in the cloud, arranging the requirements and looking to see if your business is suitable to go into the cloud.

Other Cloud Solutions

Based on the requirements of the business, it is possible that the IT services that customer provides a service though could be hosted in “the cloud” rather than in location in the customers office.  Depending on the setup this could improve the delivery of the service or reduce the costs of running the service