Supporting your business is one of the most important things that Tech Success provides. It is important to us that the response you get and solution implemented is the correct one for the business and resolves any long term issues that business might have had with the IT solutions in place

Tech Success tracks and records all support calls so that any long term tends can be spotted. It also enables staff to provide the most accurate solution with information at their hand. Using Cloud technology, the support engineers can update the tickets on site. They can also call on their colleagues to provide additional remote support to ensure that the problem or issue is resolved quickly and effectively.

To log a service request

Submit a request – Tech Success Ltd

Operating Systems

Tech Success will provide support on most platforms and is happy to work with a mixed environment of MacOSX and Windows systems. If a business wants to through UNIX into the mix, Tech Success is happy to step up and provide support.

Remote Support

Our engineers can connect remotely to your system using an application called teamviewer which will enable the engineer to connect to your system under your control and resolve problems on your system. The only requirements are that the system can start up and that it is connected to the internet. If this is the case, and our engineers believe it will help, click on the button below, install the software and follow the instructions provided by our support team

TeamViewer for Remote Support

TeamViewer for your
Remote Support!


The remote engineer can configure applications, operating system  and carry out many other tasks remotely at a time the suits you the customer. This solution enables our engineers to provide assistance to you and your business at a time which suits you.  The tasks range from a simple check over of a system to a full configuration and setup service for a great IT solution that you might wish to deploy.