I’d like to tell in what to compose in your Tinder bio?

I’d like to tell in what to compose in your Tinder bio?

People stress over composing funny and witty Tinder bios, not to mention attempting to make those few lines of text and emoji’s additionally represent their character and what they’re trying to find from Tinder.

But does a Tinder bio really matter that much? Do people read the emoji’s and text in your Tinder bio and actually utilize it judge you?

Well OkCupid did an experiment to discover one thing that is similar wished to find out if the writing on internet dating pages had a visible impact on what users perceive other users.

They made it happen by asking users to speed other users, but 1 / 2 of the right time they hid the profile text of these other users. This suggested that they had two sets of information concerning the profiles that are same

  1. One group of ranks for “picture and text” together, and
  2. Another collection of reviews for the “picture alone”.

Here you will find the total results(each dot is a person):

The outcomes reveal that folks ranked the pages just about the exact same, if the profile text ended up being shown or otherwise not.

The final outcome?… “Essentially, the written text is significantly less than 10% of what individuals consider you.”

This means that individuals don’t really read your profile text… or if they are doing, it does not sink in since your pictures which do the actual speaking.

And there have been some interesting outcomes from another test they did, asking users to speed “looks” and “personality” separately. Here you will find the total results(again, each dot is an individual):

In line with the individual ranks, “looks” and “personality” were the ditto. The users also thought they had a good personality if someone was good looking.

If you can’t show up with some hilarious and insightful sentences for your Tinder bio – don’t stress! It is maybe perhaps maybe not planning to make a lot of a big change – since it’s your photos that matter most.


Height is a piece that is popular of that’s usually found in Tinder bios of both girls and dudes.

In reality lots of girls on Tinder clearly state they will have a height that is specific they’ll accept. So that as Reddit individual Tedador describes “this may be the epitome of every thing we hate on Tinder”:

And also this profile:

Therefore considering most of the buzz across the subject, it’s worthwhile to consider a couple of interesting experiments that are okCupid online dating sites information and height to respond to two concerns:

  1. Does height have an effect in the success of on the web dating pages?
  2. Do taller dudes have significantly more sex?

Before responding to those concerns, the very first thing OkCupid did ended up being compare the levels that dudes wear their pages and contrasted them into the normal circulation of men within the United States…

Whatever they discovered had been that dudes have a tendency to overstate (lie) about their heights – one thing we all most likely anticipated!

It’s expected that the height circulation of OkCupid users will be just like compared to the male usa population. But as you care able to see, it is perhaps not – the curves don’t match up.

Dudes are adding a number of additional ins with their pages. And so they lie just a little bit more as they have closer to reaching that magical 6 base mark.

Nonetheless it’s not just guys whom put in some sneaky ins, females take action aswell:

And it is here any point throwing in a few inches that are extra?

Yes… The information suggests that taller people, as much as point, do have more sex:

Taller guys also have more attention (communications), as much as a point. The below chart shows the true range times that a person is “hit on” with brand brand new communications on OkCupid.

Therefore in Tinder terms, it could suggest taller guys have more girls right-swiping them, therefore more matches.

However in reference to communications delivered to females, faster females have more attention.

“A 5’4 girl gets 60 more connections each 12 months when compared to a 6-footer”

And right right right here’s one thing interesting about high ladies:

  • Ladies who are 6 legs or taller are “hit on” less (around 1/3rd less). They have been either considered less appealing or too daunting for dudes to message first.
  • Those exact exact same feet that are 6 have actually somewhat more sexual lovers (set alongside the 5’4 girls whom get a lot more communications).

Maintaining those statistics in your mind for a moment, browse the after remark from Reddit individual glitter_mermaid, a high feminine, and just what she needed to state about height:

“Ahhhhh yes – the age old grievance. Females have to inquire of guys about their height also it’s a-okay, whereas guys are labeled rude, misogynist pigs when they dare ask a female about their fat.

I’m a lady. I’m 5foot8 – therefore I’m a fairly high girl, or at least taller compared to normal adult male in the us. I result from a grouped group of high ladies. We have two siblings, both of whom are OVER 6foot high. Just about everyone has utilized tinder. And guess what – just about everyone has skilled dudes losing interest in us after they understand how high our company is. To such an extent that we place my height during my profile in order to avoid any embarrassing conversations.”

Therefore than shorter girls who get more attention if you’re a guy, don’t be afraid to message those taller girls – based on the data and anecdotal evidence, they’re more likely to sleep with you.

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